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During the initial stages straight-way valves were produced as single-seated, double-seated, tank bottom, angle valves as well as pneumatic accessories. With several years experience behind us, we are now designing single-seated valves as well as angle valves and special solutions, not least at high pressures. We have been making spare parts deliveries right from our very first fittings.

Between 1968 and 1970 the company developed a novel product solution with the double eccentric supported MAXIFLUSS rotary plug valve. Over the years the design and valve material was gradually adapted to the most extreme requirements and the inimitable abrasion resistance of the VETEC rotary plug valve achieved.

Today the MAXIFLUSS rotary plug valve is our main product, a success story with an increasing range of application. In conjunction with SAMSON, we supplement, as a specialist in this design, our group's variety of products.

VETEC produces rotary valve plugs in all current materials. In addition to standards for cast steel and stainless steel grades, we offer steels and stainless steels for low and high temperature applications as well as special materials such as: Hastelloy, Duplex und Superduplex, Monel, Titanium, Zirconium and bronze alloys for oxygen or sea water.

The modular design and the variant depth of our rotary plug valves make the product universal and suited to all applications.